Undergraduate Student Learning Goals

Franklin’s undergraduate learning goals articulate the competencies, skills and state of development that all Franklin students should reach by the end of their university careers, regardless of their specific area of study. These competencies speak to the importance of international and experiential learning in the academic setting across the disciplines.

Through engaging in the academic and co-curricular life of the University, Franklin students will be capable of:

  1. Interacting competently in intercultural situations (Intercultural Competencies)
  2. Engaging with international and civic issues (International Engagement)
  3. Acting in a socially responsible manner (Social Responsibility)
  4. Applying skills of inquiry, analysis and critical thinking (Intellectual Development)
  5. Engaging knowledgably in debates about the natural world (Scientific Literacy)
  6. Creating original and innovative works, ideas and solutions (Creativity)
  7. Demonstrating holistic personal development and intercultural maturity (Holistic Student Development)
  8. Using effective oral communication skills in English (Oral Communication)
  9. Using effective writing skills in English (Writing Competencies)
  10. Using a language other than English capably (Language Competencies)
  11. Applying functional mathematical skills (Mathematical Competency)
  12. Handling information adequately (Information Literacy)
  13. Using information technology adequately for scholarly and professional work (General IT Competency)